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Zadar City Gets Ready for Advent & the 2018 Holiday Season in Croatia.

Zadar was proclaimed the best European destination in 2016. Now, it’s well on its way to achieving the best European Christmas market title, currently held by Zagreb. Visit Zadar to find out for yourself if it’s worthy of the title.

Starting on November 24th, this year, the Christmas Market or Advent is expanding to six different locations in Zadar’s Old Town: Narodni square, Forum, Varoš, Kalelarga, Petar Zoranić square, and Kampo Kaštelo.

The Christmas markets are going to be lined with rows of “houses” offering a variety of gastronomic delights. “Pegula” house will be offering craft beer, mulled eco wine, and specialty brandies, while “Groppo” will be dishing out the seasonal sweets including donuts, waffles, pancakes, and hot chocolate. For a better idea, find the full list of specialties offered last year here.

The entire city will be gearing up for the Christmas season as well. All the top restaurants will be offering daily menus at a special price, cafes will be organizing happy hours, and museums will be selling tickets and souvenirs at a discounted rate.

For the full program, check here for the latest updates.

With so many attractions, you’ll want to stay more than one night. Luxury Majpruz Suites are the perfect accommodation for a weekend visiting Zadar’s Advent.



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