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Wineries Near Luxury Majpruz Suites

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water," said Galileo Galilei. So, why not toast Galileo with a glass in Zadar at one of the following wineries?

The Degarra Winery, founded in 2012, is a small winery from the Zadar region of Ravni kotar. The young winery produces a limited series of top-tier wines. “New and Original” is thier motto which points out their desire to enter the market with the new product every year, and also draws attention. They decided to turn a former military barracks into a house of wine and delicacies. This new winery has 1.8 hectares of vineyards in property and 3.6 hectares in concession. Their best wine is named Bomary which was created by blending (30% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah) with Maraška wine which resulted in a true delicacy for wine-lovers with a subtle taste.

Poljak Wines was founded by Owner Trifun Poljak who, having collected the know-how on the top international winery scene, concluded it was time to start his own. The vineyards for our wines are spread over the excellent vineyard region of northern Dalmatia in the Benkovac-Stankovci vineyards, on Bukovica Hill’s highest positions. The vineyards are south-oriented and exposed to a lot of sun rays. Terroir is typically Dalmatian, krast-infused with limestone rocks fossils. The specific microclimate results in fruitfulness as in this area both the Mediterranean and continental climates are combined.

Bibich Tasting Room is a hidden jewel in Plastovo where famous TV food icon Anthony Bourdain visited. The Bibich family has been producing wine for generations and these can be found in Croatia and Internationally. Make sure to confrim a reservation prior to enjoying the entire wining and dining experience.



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