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The Barcaoli of Zadar

You arrive in Zadar, settle into Luxury Majpruz Suites, and are wondering where to start your Zadar adventure?

Well, we have a proposal you won't be able to reject - a barge.

One of the oldest tourist attractions in this city is Zadar's Barkaoli; data reveals it's more than 3000 years old!

Although there are only a few today, they are particularly attractive to tourists and locals alike. This protective symbol of the city of Zadar connects the two shores of the city port - Jigu, the breakwater with the lighthouse, and the Peninsula.

Although the distance between the two ends of the city port is only 71 meters, and the ride is only 2 minutes long, the Zadar Barkaoli is a must-see tourist attraction unique in the Adriatic. Even the locals say if you did not ride in the boat, you weren't really in Zadar.

But it is not just a ride that you will get by getting into these little boats. The Barcaoli of Zadar are working hard to create memories for every tourist who trusts them — acting as a tourist guide who will easily explain to you what you can see in this beautiful city, where you will eat well and have a good time.

So, listen to us: do not leave Zadar without riding around in Zadar's Barkaoli.



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