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Introducing Your Lovely Hosts!

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Luxury Majpruz Suites opened its handcrafted doors this summer season. With its opening, it's time to introduce the hosts that have made these beautiful apartments available for all of us to enjoy.

Sanda and Ivica Majpruz and their son Michael, are from Kukljica, a small village on the island of Ugljan. Ivica has been perfecting his craft in the construction industry for years, first as a worker, and then as a business owner. In 2006, Ivica and his son opened their own construction company. Sanda, a dedicated wife, and mother, decided to take on new responsibilities as well.

Together, they came up with the idea for luxury apartments as their construction company had been realizing success across many projects for years. This, combined with their love of travel, has allowed them to design accommodations that fully satisfy guests’ needs.

Learning from her travel experiences, Sanda had a vision from the very beginning about the design and details of each unit, and that's precisely why these luxury apartments are different from others. She poured herself into every corner of every room resulting in class and elegance which radiates from every wall.

Sanda and Ivica took their time planning every detail to offer complete comfort and pleasure to all their visitors. The first season has treated them with exceptional success as can be seen by the reviews guests left behind. All in all, Luxury Majpruz Suites is a place where you will not find flaws. And if you don't believe it, you're welcome to check.


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