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Five Must-See Sights During Your Stay At Luxury Majpruz Suites

Zadar is the largest city in Northern Dalmatia, and with both the sun and sea surrounding it, this place is full of historical sights that will complement your stay and make it unforgettable. Keep reading to find out the most breathtaking sights the city has to offer.

1. The Church of St. Donat

One of the most famous symbols of Zadar is the church of St. Donat. It was built on remnants of the Roman Forum in the 9th century by Bishop Donat. This unusual circular church, built in Byzantine style, is one of few buildings from the early Croatian kingdom that managed to survive the Mongol invasion in the 13th century. It is considered an essential piece of cultural heritage. Because of its exceptional acoustic characteristics, this church is used today to host various music programs, most notably the Musical Evenings of St. Donat.

2. The Cathedral of St. Anastasia

St. Anastasia is the largest Cathedral in Dalmatia. It was built on two occasions in the 12th and 13th centuries, but the beginning of its construction dates back to the 4th century. The name was obtained by the martyr of Stošija (Anastasia), whose remains are kept in a marble sarcophagus on the altar. St. Anastasia, the patron saint of the city, is who the locals turn to in difficult times. Little to say, the respect they feel towards her is enormous. For this reason, do not miss visiting the Cathedral of St. Anastasia.

3. Museum of Ancient Glass

In ancient times, Zadar was considered the center of glassware production which is almost as incredible as the technology used for glass production in this city nearly two thousand years ago. Today, the museum is one of the city´s most contemporary attractions. Here you can find displays of glass and antique tools, as well as attend a demonstration of the ultimate glass forming skills. This museum also offers workshops where children can develop crafts and bring their work home as a souvenir of this memorable place.

4. Five Wells Square

Five Wells Square is one of the places in Zadar that tourists are happy to visit any time of day or night. Beautifully decorated and illuminated, this square gives you a sense of return in history. Built in 1574, the square was surrounded by a defensive arch to strengthen the city against Turkish attacks. During the 16th century, the Venetians helped the city withstand sieges by building a large water cistern with five ornamental wellheads, giving the square its name. Today, Five Wells Square is a place that you should not miss as it provides a beautiful view over the city.

5. Zadar City Land Gates

The Land Gate, a former main entrance to the city, is a masterpiece of the Renaissance period and one of the most beautiful monuments from Venetian rule in Dalmatia. Built in 1543, the Land City Gate is decorated with various scenes, such as St. Chrysogonus on his horse, and the Shield of St. Mark (the coat of arms of the Republic of Venice). Previously, the area had been highly defensive, with a surrounding moat. The Land Gate is a part of the city through which you will surely pass during your stay.

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