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Best Outdoor Bars in Zadar 2019

During your stay in Zadar, you won't want to miss this season's best outdoor bars.

The Garden Lounge is based on the Zadar harbor with on an open-terrace that allows for panoramic views. The outdoor setting is equipped with lots of greenery and private cabanas and comfortable day beds to lounge around on. During the day, you can find guests sipping coffee and relaxing. At night, there’s a full musical agenda which makes the perfect backdrop to summer night outings. If beer is your thing, don’t miss this spot since they have a complete list of beer they’ve been brewing themselves in Zagreb since Summer 2016.

Ledana lounge & bar is completely outside based in Queen Jelena Park in Zadar’s core. It is one of the most popular bar’s even though it is relatively new. If you are looking for a refreshing cocktail, this is the spot to visit either day or night. Cocktails are inspired by the flavors and fragrances of Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. Looking for more flavor and adventure? Hookah is also available in an abundance of aromas that pair perfectly with any drink on the menu!

Famous is everything you will need - a beach bar, pub, and nightclub. Located on Borik Beach, it has a Caribbean atmosphere with a large outdoor terrace and sun loungers. Serving tasty pub-like food and great beers, wine and cocktails, it is definitely a spot the locals approve. During the day, refresh with a dip in the sea. At night, you’ll find regularly scheduled events making it a go-to for evening hangouts.

And after a day or night out, we promise, Luxury Majpruz Suites are a rare haven that you'll love to come home to.


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