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One-Day Excursions Near Zadar

Plitvice Lakes

Full Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is one of the oldest national parks in Southeastern Europe and also the largest in Croatia. This fact alone gives sufficient reason to visit this beautiful place where you will enjoy a long walk through the park and forest; there are a variety of trails to choose from that differ in length. In addition, you can opt for a boat ride that will allow you to visit the deep lakes and waterfalls which are sure to leave you breathless and give you an unforgettable experience.

Full Day Sailing Adventure on Kornati and Telašćica

This magical journey begins by sailing through the Zadar canal towards Mali Zdrelac, where you will pass the Pašman Bridge, see the coast of Dugi Otok and come to Telašćica Nature Park. On the west side of Dugi Otok, you will enjoy unbelievable views of numerous islands and 150-meter-high rocks. Spend your free time swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing or exploring hidden coves.

Excursion to Krka Waterfalls

Krka National Park will allow you to spend time in nature and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and lakes. The Krka river forms seven travertine waterfalls: Bilušića buk, Brljan, Manojlovac slap, Rošnjak, Miljacka slap, Roški slap, and Skradinski buk. Only the most extraordinary travertine creates significant layers, which build the waterfalls seen on the Krka River. The waterfalls of the Krka River are very fragile formations and are sensitive to environmental change and all human activities. For the travertine landscape to grow, live and age, it is imperative that the natural balance of the ecosystem of the Krka and Čikola Rivers be preserved. So, plan your day trip to see one this natural phenomenon.

Bicycle Tour from Zadar to Nin

You can ride from Zadar to Nin via various routes, but the most attractive for ambitious cyclists is just driving along the coast. Beautiful bays, pine forests and small Dalmatian villages that alternate along the way are perfect for a one-day bicycle tour, at the end of which you will have the chance to see the ancient town of Nin and enjoy traditional Dalmatian dishes.

Royal Wine Tasting in Petrčane Village

A small green oasis of peace is located amid the Dalmatian rocky landscape where you will find a beautiful vineyard sharing a palate of top quality wines produced by a variety of grapes. As you sip fresh fruit wines on the hill above Punta Skala and Petrčane, you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with a beautiful view of Zadar, the Zadar Canal, and the surrounding islands. As a souvenir, you can buy any kind of wine produced at Royal vineyards and decorative soft drinks bottles.



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